Friday, April 29, 2011

Urbino on "Faith"

It is difficult to believe we ’have been here almost two weeks. We spent yesterday just hanging out around the casa. We didn’t do a thing. No pictures. Little writing. Just relaxing and playing cards.

But, today we “attacked” Umbria with a passion. We drove towards Urbino and, on the back roads, we found this beautiful little “chapel” built in the 9th Century. It is situated in this tiny valley and the light was carrying across the Umbrian landscape exposing the greens and pastels. We waited for the light to get just right and photographed it until we thought we couldn’t do any better.

We closed in and shot some close ups of the church. It is hard to believe that these constructions have lasted since the 10th Century. They are still standing! This one is so beautifully preserved one wonders how it has survived these centuries without change. We stayed for several hours just waiting for the light to accommodate and then drove on to Anghiari……..

Here are some stunning views of the town of Anghiari

We tried to navigate through the Urbino pass however we were sent back because of road work. Probably a good thing because it was already getting late and time to turn back.

I am having difficulty just comprehending such incredible works of art and devotion. This country has survived time, world wars and the destructions of man and the monuments to God still stand. Everywhere one looks we can see a church built by man’s hands and dedicated to faith in God. It really does make one wonder.

When life is so full of seemingly overwhelming problems it all seems so slight and insignificant when compared to the devotion and faith these ancients brought to their buildings. It really does make us wonder what life is all about.
Ok. Prince William is married and Pope John Paul is now a saint. But, I have solved the greatest riddle of all time, why the Roman Empire fell. PORK.
Sheeze. Do these people love pork or what? We went to the store for veggies. What veggies? OK. It’s planting season, but all I have to choose from is pork, prosciutto, ham and more pork. I swear to God, crucify me if I have to eat more ham! Call it what you will. Ham is ham. Pork is pork and ne’er the twain shall meet.
I was raised with Italian sides and Irish sides of my family. I am not sure who won out.

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