Saturday, April 23, 2011

Today they delivered our luggage!!

Aprile 24

Today, they delivered our luggage! Molte Bene! We now have changes of clothes and can take a proper shower so we can now explore the area. Rosanno, bless his heart, graciously came in on this Saturday morning to await delivery of our bags. He has been so very kind and, even though we have difficulty understanding each other (he struggles with English as much as we struggle with Italian). Without his help we would have been at a total loss. Italians may not be able to drive but they are gracious to a fault. Everyone has been so kind. Rosanno was so upset with our problems he upgraded our accommodations to the largest casa!

While awaiting delivery of the luggage, we found out that Rosanno collects early ceramics from the area and he showed us pictures of his collection, some of which he has painstakingly restored. Some are Etruscan and many date from 1100 to 1300 A.D.. Many of the pieces he has restored personally. What a gentleman. If any of you plan a vacation here, please consider his mansione. He goes far beyond what one would expect. He is gracious to a fault.

Dr. Carla Marzetti of Valsambro called this morning while we were having coffee at the Bar 2000 (again for the 30th time. Diana is in love with the coffee). It was so good to hear her voice. Here we are in a foreign country and to hear a familiar voice was so exciting. We meet with Carla in Bologna to discuss so many things microscopic. Her expertise is allergies. She just returned from the U.S. and we will be collaborating on some research together.

There is a convent about 11 km from here and we plan on photographing that along the way of our adventure.

10:00 p.m. local time.

While we did not find the convent, we proceeded to Umbria and found an incredible medieval town; Citta di Castello. We spent from 5:00 until 9:00 (not nearly enough) exploring this little city’s central shopping district. The area is undergoing renovation and the houses, churches and shops are an amazing blend of modern fashion and photography to ancient architecture.

I am constantly stunned at the European flair for fashion and style. Here we are in the “middle of nowhere” and the fashion is beyond belief. The Italian women love their boots and leggings. I don’t believe I have seen so many varied styles except in Holland. I can only imagine what Paris is like. The streets were thronged with people, young and old just doing what Italians do best; enjoying themselves in Cafeterias drinking wine, beer and caffe.

Naturally, we are in love with Italian coffee. There isn’t one (not one) café we visited that served anything less than perfect coffee. If I have learned anything it’s how to order coffee.

“Per favore. Uno cappucino y uno café Americano.” It averages 2.50 Euro (about $3.00) for two cups and is our main passion so far. Starbucks would be a losing proposition here. I cannot tell you how tasty the food is here. Tonight in Cassia d’ Castello, we had ravioli with spinach and a tiramisu to die for.

We shot hundreds of pictures and have just arrived home to download the days take. Once we finally find access to an internet café, the blog will be up to date. Forgive us. It is not our fault.

To my daughter Justice Naccarato and her husband Brian, we miss you and wish you were here. (Sorry Brian. We haven’t had a single cannoli yet). To our clients, we miss you and pray you are doing well. To Ben, we hope you are keeping up with the load as we know you are. To our many friends, thank you for giving us this opportunity to enjoy a “honeymoon” we have never had. For all of our friends…thank you so much. We really do miss you. We will be sharing photos beyond this blog as soon as we get access to the internet.

I am writing this from our casa in the Tuscan hills. There is no sound except the dogs barking in the far distance. Diana is sleeping. Diana and I could easily live here (except we really have to get our Italian down). The people are simply wonderful. I do have a few questions, however: why do older Italian men amble with their hands behind their backs as though they are surveying the streets and life. Is life really that simple?

We have only just begun our adventure and everyday a new possibility. Adventures like this are what everyone should experience and makes us understand how really close and so really different and similar we are. But, in the end, we are all just people with the only agenda being content with our lives, families and friends.

There are elections going here in Italy. (See some of the pictures). The politicians here are the same everywhere. No one really pays attention. Just another schmuck that can’t find an honest job.

Buono notte!

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  1. Ti amo Papà! I miss you!! <3 I wish I was there too, but you'll just have to enjoy it twice as much for me! :)