Thursday, April 28, 2011

A lazy day at the Casa

I remarked to Diana yesterday that even the birds speak Italian. Or perhaps the Italians learned to speak by copying the songs of birds. But, whatever the case, you can hear the Italian lilt in every bird’s song. The doves don’t just coo here. They “la coo.” I am serious. You can hear it.

We awoke this morning to a hazy cloudy day in Firentino. The mountains are covered in a blue mist. The sky is medieval gray. Yet it is not a depressing gray (grigio). It is just a romantic misty morning. I cannot envision not being here without Diana. We are discovering new things everyday. Unlike our Holland visit when Diana was my guide, this is a discovery of not only the landscape and people, but a great discovery of ourselves. Diana is having more fun shooting and I am actually enjoying watching her discover new things with her camera.

We are simply enjoying ourselves in the midst of this ancient land. We are steeped in Etruscan history and art. (There is even an Etruscan tomb in Cortona I want to see). The churches are overwhelming. The people have all been exceptionally helpful and nice. They wear clothes emblazoned with American labels. (We saw two sweatshirts yesterday emblazoned with San Diego. Too funny).

We spent 4 hours the day before yesterday in the “3” store getting internet access and the young lady who took care of us (Viala) was so patient in helping us get up to speed. She even went beyond closing time to make sure we were set up properly. What a sweetheart.

Our only disappointment so far was one of the local Gelateria’s advertised crepes which they have discontinued. Sad. We had to settle for dinner at home. Darn. This morning, Diana is shopping for lunch and dinner. Diana proceeded to make out our shopping list for the day (in Italian) which consists of the following:
Acqua Frizzante (sparkling water);
Latte; (milk)
Ette Caffe; (bag of ground coffee)
Pizza; (self explanatory)
Panne; (bread)
Patate; (potatoes)
Ovita. (eggs)

Whatever she doesn’t know at the store will be explained in “sign language a la “charades” This morning she got 4 Italian women to “play the game” and came home with everything on her list and more!!

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