Saturday, April 16, 2011

Benvenuto! All'inizio ...

For those of you who don't speak Italian, the title translates to "Welcome. In the beginning." Tuesday, April 19, we leave for Italy. The flight is a bit convoluted...San Diego to Phoenix. Phoenix to Charlotte. Charlotte to Franfurt and Franfurt to Milan. Sheeze. That means a cumulative X-ray effect from airoprt scanners that could make Diana and myself glow in the dark. But, this is a lifelong dream and and "ain't nothin' getting in our way."
We decided to start this blog so all of you could follow our journey which will last 4 1/2 weeks.
We will be staying in Castilione Fiorentino for 2 weeks in a private casa. (The owner made sure we understand it is a casa and not a villa). Hmmm. Then we stay for a week in Bologna for our reserach project with Dr. Carla Marzetti at Valsambro Laboratory. Dr. Marzetti is a brilliant scientist and also promises 6 homemade Italian dinners.
Then to Venice, Pompeii and points between.
We might even come home.
We will miss you but hopefully, reading this blog will keep you close to us even though we are seperated by miles.
Fino aquando si parla nuovomente (Until we talk again)
Hugh and Diana

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  1. Hanno un tempo incredibile! (Have an amazing time!)
    And, if you don't come home...I'll whack ya!! ;)
    Love you guys!! Hugs!