Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finally "Connected"

Hurray! It took us 4 hours but we finally have internet service…kind of.
They don’t have WiFi like we do in the States. We purchased a Q 3 internet key (that took 3 hours to set up). As long as we are in range of this thing we can have better than limited internet. (I’m not quite sure what that means, but we do have some semblance of internet service.

Today was mostly caffee and internet set up, but it’s raining

slightly and cloudy, so we kind of lucked out. We did manage to shoot some poppies and trees. Mostly, we just tried to slooooowly wade through some e-mails. Diana spent about 4 hours trying to wade through hers and I just watched over my caffe Americano.
It’s odd, but I think we are the only Americans here. Last night we did run into a Canadian couple in Riccio, but no one here from home. I am surprised because I think anyone would be missing out not seeing this little “hamlet.” Everyday at 1:00 until 4:00 everything except the coffee shops shuts down. Then they re-open at 4:00 and the ristorante do not open for dinner until 8:00. Most tourists I think make the main attractions like Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Pisa, etc., but to miss these little out of the way places is a large mistake because I think this is the real Italy. Once in a while you find an English speaking Italian but not as often as in say, Rome.

Incidentally, no matter where you drive here, signs will say Peruggia/Roma; Siena/Roma, Arezzo/Roma or Firenze/Roma. I guess it is true that all roads lead to Rome or at least they make all roads lead to Rome! It’s almost as though some road builder took that seriously and made sure it is true.

As Diana worked on the computer, I people watched at the Bar 2000. Everytime we have been here between unodi and quattrodi (one o’clock and four o’clock) there have been men playing cards which they take very seriously. I mean they get into it! They take this more seriously than their driving if that tells you anything.

Diana finished up her computer work (after 3 cappucinos) and the computer was just about out of gas, so we headed back to our house for dinner and cards. (Did I say cards?) Diana has been doing all the driving and her Dutch expertise at planning and organizing has really paid off. She has been my best friend all these years and I do not know how I could have gotten along without her. In fact, I wonder how I did anything without her before. I still refer to things as B.D. and A.D…before Diana and after Diana. She is still working (now) our business from here.

Ben has been doing his thing for us from home and, judging from the e-mails we received today, he is doing a splendid job. It has allowed us the freedom to do this trip. We have been blessed with a compatriot as dedicated as Ben and I know he will make a fine replacement one day. He is already beginning to court many new clients with his expertise and we are proud and fortunate to have him as an associate.

It’s cinquedi (5:00) here and Diana is down at the local market buying some bread and stuff for a quiet dinner tonight. We’ll probably have bread, prosciuto, cheese and local wine. Whatever it is it will be good. Even the rain here has an intangibility and mystery that is hard to explain. PLEASE. If you come to Italy, visit this place. It is awesome.

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