Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011

A bit of a caveat: we have so little access (make that none so far) to internet service in Castiglione that our blog here will be spotty.

Everything on our departure actually went pretty smoothly….at least this morning. My associate Ben Talbot, drove us to Lindbergh field and were processed through security. Usually, I am not enamored with TSA, but I must admit that this time three of the four TSA police were actually pleasant …make that very nice. Diana had a 16 ounce bottle of Sovereign Silver with her and the TSA agent actually tested it and let it through.

The flight was ½ hour ahead of schedule for our Charlotte connect so things were swimming along. And that’s where the proverbial crap hit the tarmac. We spent an hour waiting for a “parking place” and missed our connect to Charlotte.
We spent the next 20 minutes being re routed from Phoenix to Boston and changed airlines from U.S. Airways to Lufthansa. Now does that tell you we might have a problem with our luggage?

Veronica, our customer service rep at US Airways was a princess of a lady.
For our friends, Harold and Joanie, yes, we flew an Airbus to Frankfurt. Lufthansa was a great experience. The service was great and the flight attendants very…attentive. That being said, please remind me never to complain about American airports again. Frankfurt should be re-named Frankensteinport. What a nightmare getting around. For all their efficiency, the Germans are really very inefficient when it comes to airports.

We had to unpack our cameras and repack them several times.

We were late getting into Milano but better late than never and we holed up in a hotel for the first night. 12 hours on a plane is not a picnic. Do we need showers!?
See you tomorrow when things settle in a bit better and someone finds our luggage.

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