Monday, August 20, 2012

The Perfect Travel Camera

Normally, Diana and I carry our Canon equipment with us. While wonderful, they are heavy and of course, expensive to replace should they be stolen (which is always a possibility). When were in the planning stages of our next adventure to Ireland and France, I was on the lookout for something that would produce high quality images, could shoot closeups (macro) and Raw and simultaneous JPG's.

At about that time a little over a year ago, Fuji announced their little X100. After a lot of research, I bought two of them. (One for myself and one for Diana. We are after all, a pair of shooters).
This little camera shoots 12.4 mp images and gave us some nifty bonuses, as well.

It shoots bursts up to 5 frames per second which is great for street shooting, shoots RAW images as we do a lot of Photoshop, shoots JPGS, and macro images as well as video and panoramics.
Now let me warn you. This thing is a maze of dials and working one's way through te menus can be exasperating...make that IS exasperating. After 6 months, I am still learning it's little foibles and there are a couple...but it is one heckuva camera producing images that are extraordinary even at 6400 ISO in the middle of the night.
The bonuses one gets with this little camera are well worth the 1200 bucks Fuji charges. The drawback for some is the fixed lens (equivalent to a 35mm on a full frame DSLR) but the images are superb!

I shot this test photo at 6400 ISO at 12:00 midnight and there is virtually no noise.Now that is pretty incredible.
Literally no noise and sharp even hand held.
You can see more about the Fuji X100 at Fujifilm's website here . Or you can buy one (or two) of these nifty little guys here on Amazon.
All of the images we will be posting on our European adventure will be shot with these little beauties and I think you'll understand why I bought 'em.

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