Friday, August 17, 2012

New Adventures coming in September

Hey gang!
We have new adventures (Europe) coming soon.
Sept. 23 we leave for Dublin and Galway where we expect to take some great photographs and meet some incredible people.
Then, once we leave Galway, we head for Paris.
On Diana's bucket list was dinner in the Eiffel Tower and we have dinner reservations for the Jules Verne restaurant on the day before we leave.
Our apartment is just across the Seine from Notre Dame and we are three floors above Shakespeare and Company. (For those of you who are Hemingway afficionados, you will recognize that. Others who may have seen Midnight in Paris with Owen Wilson, may recognize a couple of scenes shot there.
We decided this time to limit our camera equipment to a tad less than 50 pounds with our Canons and lenses. We bought 2 FujiFilm X100's. These little gems sport 12 mp images and we've been practicing, practicing, practicing!
So hold on to your britches, this will be an incredible adventure.
(And yes, we are practicing our Francaise).
So to prepare everyone for this excellent upcoming adventure, I will be posting about our last trip to the Kern River soon.

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