Sunday, May 8, 2011

Milano Mare on the Adriatic Sea

We followed Carla for the hour drive to the Adriatic seaside in a beautiful resort town of Milano Mare. We walked the beaches for a while and stopped for lunch in Ristorante.
It was very relaxing and so much fun just to relax.

After saying our short goodbyes (we all were a bit teary eyed), Diana and I headed down the Adriatic coast toward Pascara where we will head inland for our Casa situated inland between Rome and Naples at the edge of an Italian National Park. This will be our final destination before leaving this beautiful country. The coastal area here is so beautiful we decided to spend a night at one of the hotels in the resort area of San Benedetto del Trento.

It is off season here, but the place is filled with people walking the strands and enjoying the beautiful weather and sea breeze. We can now say we have stayed on the Mediterranean and the Adriatic!
We are staying the night at the Hotel Mocambo and the room rate is 60.00 Euro! While the room is small (European style) it is definitely the best hotel we have stayed in on our visit and one we highly recommend. Not only is the staff very nice and courteous, but the room is comfortable and well appointed. Unlike every bed we have slept in in Italy this one is actually soft and comfy. I swear a mattress company and chiropractor could make a fortune here. (Not a complaint, just saying).

The Mocambo is so nice, Diana wants to stay an extra day or so. Alan, our host for the Casa near Atina called to let us know that the casa will not be available early so the extra 3 days here is perfectly timed.

We sat at an outdoor table on the Adriatic and had dinner at a little ristorante (The Americano) staring at the sea and the breakers while rowers and beachcombers passed the horizon about 100 yards from our table. I thought to myself how some of the grains of sand may have been here when Ulysses sailed his way home from the Trojan wars. It isn’t hard to imagine since this land is steeped in so much history and mythology. Only a few hundred kilometers to the east across the Adriatic is Yugoslavia (now Croatia and Serbia). Bella Italia!

Our dinner was not tipici Umbrian. I have stared at and eaten enough pork that we had filet mignon, salad, patatine (French fries) and our appetizer has to be sampled to be believed. They were lightly breaded olives, stuffed with a spiced hamburger and deep fried. I know. I couldn’t believe it either, but these things are awesome! It is a local specialty and they would certainly be a hit in the U.S.! (Remind me to tell my restaurant friends, John and Lisa Mangini, in the states. I have never tasted anything like these.

The breeze kicked up about 7:00 p.m.. Make that a hurricane. When the sun drops the wind comes in and blows like you cannot imagine. It literally blew us back to our room for shelter. What a land of dichotomies. Calm and serene. Blustery and rainy in a moment.

Tomorrow is another day of exploration.

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