Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vacation from vacation.....


We crashed today. We slept in and generally just relaxed. Diana has been driving this entire trip and she is pooped. Me too.

About 6:00 p.m. we decided to go into ValleGrande (the town just below) and look around some more. On the advice of Alan we stopped in at Floyd’s Ristorante. Floyd is a Scots transplant and speaks English as well as Italian. He owns the local bar which sports a complete menu of English dishes from hamburgers to fish and chips.

Considering that we haven’t had any real hardcore food since we arrived, we split a fish and chips and hamburger with patatine (fries). We couldn’t finish them but damn they were good. No pork tonight.

Not only does Floyd serve Angle food, but he has a dart board. Now Diana and I love darts so much that we have professional darts that cost us about $75.00. (We don’t shoot any better but we feel like we do). We have shot darts since Sacramento and, upon moving to San Diego, we haven’t found but one place with a dart board. Imagine. We had to travel 13,000 miles to find a dart board! And did we shoot darts.

We have also been blessed with a wonderful couple at the local food store/bar/tratorria that take care of us with a graciousness that defies explanation. Rosella gave us eggs from her own home (located across the street) because they had run out at the store and didn't even charge for them. We must have looked hungry so she also gave us two huge slices of her homemade pizza!

We are heading out to Amalfi tomorrow.

Buono Notte.

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